A trustworthy innovation-driven
event management company

Vibrant incorporated officially in 2019 to explore the horizons for promoting and presenting magnificent entertainment programs at Mumbai.

Vibrant team began the journey of organizing events informally from 2015 and gradually developed a formal organisational shape in 2019.The motive of Vibrant is to make a home you need for a memorable event and contribute an aroma for our clients to enjoy the experience of spectacular performances in Navi Mumbai.

Vibrant is a full fledged event management firm based in Mumbai. We bring a fresh and unique approach to the industry.

Our focus is on corporate events, exhibitions, shows and more.

Belief in our-self, desire for creativity. Passion for excellence and impeccable organizing skills are the significance of Vibrant to execute an idea from concept to reality .

The founding team recognized that there was a clear space in the industry for a competent and trustworthy innovation-driven event management company to act as a fulcrum in Navi Mumbai




Vibrant envisages to become a world class event management Company in near future. Vibrant is committed to promote philanthropy and set an example by giving an award named as ‘VIBRANT EXCELLENCE Award’ every year to a candidate who deserved to be admired and recognized for the contributions to the society in terms of charity.

Our team represents 10 professionals operate mainly in Navi Mumbai and all are passionate about shows and exhibitions..